Start in Anchorage Alaska and head to Canada. See where the Alaska gold rush started at. Skagway Alaska and Dyea Alaska. This trip can be done in a easy week. The first day out you should arrive near Tok Alaska. Then head south towards Haines Alaska. Once you arrive in Haines you can visit there history. The next day or that evening you will board the Ferry for a 1 hour voyage to Skagway. There you can spend 2 days and walk through history and see the best show in town. After that you head north to Whitehorse, BC.  Here you again will visit the big town that supplied the prospectors. After you see the sights you will head north to Dawson City. Here you would stay for another day and learn more. When you leave there you will be going over the top of the world Highway. You may find it a little shaky but go ahead and take your time. You should arrive back in Alaska and plan on spending one more night out before arriving in Anchorage. If Rent the motorhome for two weeks you would then head north to Fairbanks and then down to Denali Park. Then after that you still have time to go to the Kenai Peninsula and do some salmon fishing. It is all up to you from there. The week going to Canada will only cost $190.00 a day plus mileage. this trip alone is 1700 miles. Think about this and check out the maps to see where I am talking about.