How about some winter fun?????


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Northern Pike Fishing. pictures taken 12/2/01  icefishdeb2.jpg (29889 bytes)  icefish.JPG (27253 bytes)

The spring riding time is the prime time to ride snowmachines in Alaska. The weather is much warmer and more enjoyable for those who don't like to freeze. There are still many places to ride. Give us a call to see what we can plan for you. Have you ever wanted to see the Iditarod mushers go by out on the trail. Each year we take a few guests out for a weekend of riding and watch the mushers go by one by one on the Yetna River. Miles away from town. Call for more Information.



Come ride with us.
We leave the city behind to ride in the open air where everything under you is white. We choose different destinations each week and usually do not know until Friday where we are going. We may go to a cabin for the weekend , stay in a motel or the motorhome. If you are truly a outdoors person, then you may want to winter camp in a tent ( I like doing this). We can take our fishing gear to fish for the Northern Pike.  You can rent snowmobiles and go on trails or you can ride our machines and have transportation provided for you and make your own tracks with us. We enjoy showing you a way to have a great time and watching you do so. 



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