Ethically-Sourced Diamonds

Aerial view of a mine

Diamonds are one of nature’s purest gifts: brilliant crystals formed naturally deep below the earth’s surface.

Most fluorescing diamonds come from the Arctic, one of the most pristine places on earth. To protect this fragile natural environment, Arctic diamond mines are heavily regulated to ensure the minimal impact on the environment.

Of all forms of mining, diamond mining is the least harmful to the environment. Diamond-bearing rocks are crushed into fine particles and then washed with only water. No harmful chemicals are used to recover diamonds.

Before Arctic diamond mining even begins, highly detailed environmental impact assessments are undertaken.

These studies cover every conceivable element— the land, water, air, wildlife and people—and often take years to complete. Only once regulators are completely satisfied that there will be no lasting negative impact on the environment are permits issued for mine construction and operation.

When authorization for a mine development is granted, Arctic mining companies have to post considerable financial security bonds with the governments to cover the cost of the eventual closure of the mine and restoration of the environment to as close to its original condition as possible. Typically, Arctic diamond mines make provision for tens of million of dollars of closure and reclamation costs.

Once Arctic diamond mines are producing, government mine inspectors make regular (sometimes unannounced) visits to mines to ensure that all regulations are being followed fully. Breaches of operating conditions can result in the temporary closure of mines. This regular oversight ensures the constant, close protection of the Arctic environment.

Unlike some parts of Africa, Arctic diamonds have no history of association with human conflicts. On the contrary, Arctic diamond mines have a long and successful record of uplifting many native peoples of the Arctic. Diamond mines have brought considerable benefits to previously disadvantaged communities, including education, training, employment and business development. Arctic diamond mining is a force for positive development.

Arctic Blue sources all of its diamonds from businesses that subscribe to the highest ethical standards and is proud to be a partner for good.

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