Rarity of Fluorescence

Fluorescence is a rare and fascinating feature of some of the world’s most beautiful natural diamonds.

Invisible under natural light, the secret fluorescence is only revealed when the diamond is exposed to ultraviolet light (i.e., a blacklight), coming to life with a magical blue glow.

Fluorescing diamonds are very rare and special. According to the GIA, only 25% of natural diamonds possess the blue glow, ranging in intensity from faint to very strong.1 Fewer than 1% of diamonds exhibit very strong fluorescence. These are the rarest of the rare—and the most beautiful!

An added benefit of fluorescing diamonds is that they often look brighter and whiter under natural light than their non-fluorescent counterparts, appearing a color grade above their certification.1

Owning a rare, natural gem is very special. Owning an even rarer fluorescing natural diamond is the gift of a lifetime.

1“GIA: Understanding Diamond Fluorescence”