About Us

Founded in 2020, Arctic Blue is a family-owned business that reinvents the diamond-buying experience.

By cutting out costly middlemen and shipping directly from diamond cutters and polishers (eliminating inventory overhead), Arctic Blue offers the lowest prices with all the modern convenience of shopping online. Free returns and a peerless selection of rare fluorescent diamonds are just two of the reasons people turn to Arctic Blue for their fine jewelry needs.

Our Mission & Values

We believe that the fine jewelry status quo is obsolete. Customers need not tolerate greedy retail middleman tactics, commission-based salesmen, or unknowingly paying the overhead of brick-and-mortar stores' costly inventory. At Arctic Blue, three values are paramount:

  • Superior Product at the Best Price
  • Peerless Customer Service
  • Sustainability & Ethics

Our mission is to deliver superior fine jewelry at the best price thanks to our innovative supplier-direct business model. Additionally, we are always striving to deliver an unparalleled customer service experience. Like you, we refuse to support unethical mining practices.