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Find Your Glow

Our Mission

Diamonds are purchased to celebrate very special moments in our lives. Arctic Blue is dedicated to helping you in securing the very rarest and most ethically sourced fluorescent diamonds in the world.


Arctic Blue was founded in 2020 by diamond industry veterans Patrick and Matt Evans. Through more than 20 years of experience in Canadian diamond mines, they became fascinated with the unique and rare trait of blue fluorescence exclusive to natural Arctic diamonds.

It’s this fascination that motivates us to offer a selection of rare, fluorescing diamonds sourced exclusively from Canadian diamond mines. Each diamond is GIA certified.

Discovery is the essence of human nature. Uncovering the beauty of natural fluorescence—that’s what Arctic Blue is all about.

Our Suppliers

Arctic Blue partners with a wide range of qualified, trustworthy diamond cutters and polishers who source our stones exclusively from Canada.

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