About Arctic Blue

  • What makes Arctic Blue different from other retailers who sell ethically sourced or conflict-free diamonds?
    • Arctic Blue’s commitment to ethical sourcing starts deep in the wilderness of the Canadian Arctic where fluorescing diamonds are found. By choosing to partner exclusively with Canadian diamond producers, our customers can rest assured that their diamonds are sourced with the highest level of regulations on environmental protection, fair labor practices, low levels of corruption, and a general spirit of uplifting the communities throughout the supply chain. For Arctic Blue, our commitment to ethical sourcing starts at the source.
  • Why does sourcing from Canada matter?
    • Simply put, our northerly neighbors in Canada have an exceptional record of operating the most highly regulated diamond mines in the world to protect the environment, employees, and the surrounding communities. Canadian diamond producers believe in partnering with local First Nations groups to provide opportunities and uplift the communities in which they operate. Read more on why Canadian diamonds are the best choice for an ethically sourced diamond. 
  • Does Arctic Blue sell Conflict Diamonds?
    • Unlike some parts of Africa, Canadian diamonds have no history of association with human conflicts. On the contrary, Canadian diamond mines have a long and successful record of uplifting many native peoples of the Arctic.
  • What are Recycled Metals and why does Arctic Blue use them?
    • Arctic Blue’s jewelry is made of 100%-recycled gold and platinum. The input metals are reused from jewelry, industrial use, and electronics and are then extensively refined down to pure gold and platinum worthy of the finest jewelry. This recycling process is completed in domestic facilities where water, energy, and waste are efficiently managed, so you can feel great about wearing your Arctic Blue jewelry for a lifetime.      

About our products

  • Are your diamonds real?
    • Arctic Blue proudly sources only the highest quality Earth-created diamonds from Canada.
  • What is fluorescence?
    • Fluorescence is a stunning and rare attribute in diamonds that is invisible under natural light. Only once the diamond is exposed to ultraviolet light (i.e., a blacklight), does it come to life with a magical blue glow. All of Arctic Blue’s diamonds possess this unique feature, ranging in intensity from “faint” to “very strong.” Read more on the magic of fluorescence.
  • Do you sell blue diamonds?
    • No—blue diamonds are a “fancy color” that appear blue under natural light. Such diamonds are primarily sourced from Australian mines. The blue color grade is distinct from fluorescence.
  • What is a GIA certified diamond?
    • The GIA, or Gemological Institute of America, is the world’s leading gemological research institute. A GIA-certified diamond receives a unique Report Registry number and is independently inspected and graded by a professional gemologist to assess the diamond’s attributes. Each diamond sold by Arctic Blue comes with its authentic GIA certification report, giving you the confidence that your diamond is exactly what you ordered.
  • Is my diamond laser inscribed?
    • Yes. The GIA uses laser technology to inscribe a microscopic, unique GIA report number on the diamond’s girdle. While not visible to the naked eye, this microscopic inscription can be viewed under 10× magnification. Laser inscription can be used to quickly and easily identify a diamond.
  • Do you carry other diamonds than what is listed on the website?
    • If you do not find your diamond available for sale on our website, please reach out to us at [email protected] so that we can help source the diamond of your dreams.
  • Do you sell lab-created diamonds?
    • Arctic Blue stands firmly behind the unparalleled beauty of natural, Earth-created diamonds for the showcase stones in its jewelry.
  • Is your gold rhodium-plated?
    • The 14k white gold in our jewelry is rhodium plated for exceptional sparkle and durability.
  • Do you offer alternative metals?
    • Most of our jewelry pieces are offered in a variety of metals, including 14k white gold, 14k yellow gold, 14k rose gold, and platinum.

Placing an Order

  • What if I don’t love my purchase?
    •  If you’re not fully satisfied with your purchase, you may return it in its original, unworn condition within 14 days for a full refund or exchange—no questions asked. Arctic Blue accepts merchandise returns via mail only. See the Return Policy page for additional details.
  • How do I finance my purchase?
    • Arctic Blue does not currently extend direct financing to customers. There are other Buy-Now-Pay-Later options that one might consider. PayPal’s Pay Later offers customers different options for various budgets.
  • Are Arctic Blue’s prices in US Dollars?
    • Yes, Arctic Blue prices its products in United States Dollars (USD).
  • How soon can I expect my order to arrive?
    • The typical turnaround time for an order is 2-4 weeks. Orders of loose diamonds typically arrive within two weeks or less. Orders of customized jewelry pieces typically arrive in four weeks or less.
  • Can I expedite my order?
    • All jewelry is made to order and is provided with the most expedited shipping options. Our diamonds are sourced directly from highly-trusted cutters and polishers to provide the best value and competitive pricing to our customers. Our domestic jewelry setting suppliers start working once your order is received, ensuring that your jewelry is unique and of the highest quality.
  • Will my order arrive in discreet packaging?
    • Arctic Blue ships all of its orders in discreet packaging that is absent of any Arctic Blue branding. For some shipments, you can manage your delivery through your Fedex shipping account.
  • Do you offer insurance appraisals with purchases?
    • Arctic Blue does not currently offer insurance appraisals on orders. Many local jewelers can provide appraisals for a nominal fee.
  • Do you offer insurance?
    • Arctic Blue does not currently offer insurance, but highly recommends that customers seek an insurance policy to cover loss of their item. Many renter’s and homeowner’s insurance offer jewelry coverage add-on policies. There are also other insurance providers that cover specific high-dollar jewelry pieces. 
  • Can I purchase multiple items to compare and return the ones I do not want?
    • Comparison purchasing, or purchasing multiple products with the intent of keeping one and returning the remainder, is not allowed under Arctic Blue’s Return Policy. This policy helps to keep our prices low and offer the best value to our customers. If you need any assistance or have any questions about our jewelry pieces, please reach out to [email protected].